I signed up for a newsletter but am not receiving any emails. What can I do?

If you've signed up for a newsletter and haven't received your first email or you've been receiving emails and suddenly they've stopped coming, don't fret! Here are some trouble-shooting tips to help you get emails again from your favorite Substack writers.

Try testing your email address

To test whether your email delivery is working for a publication:

1. Navigate to https://publicationname.substack.com/account/email-test

You'll need to replace "publication name" with the name of the writer's Substack.

For example, if a newsletter you subscribe to is "Skyline Trails", enter the following URL:


2. Sign into the publication and select, "Send test email".


Check your email settings

  • If you have Gmail, check your Promotions tab. If a newsletter is in that section, move it to your Primary inbox.
  • Make sure that your email address on file is correct.
  • Check your spam folder to see if emails have gone there. If so, make sure to "mark as not spam" in your email client.
  • Add the publication's Substack email address to your contact list. All posts will be sent from this address: [subdomain]@substack.com. Replace 'subdomain' with the name of the publication. 
  • Send an email to the publication's Substack email address. This can often cause intermediate email filters to allow incoming messages.
  • If you are on a corporate or government email account, talk to your IT department and tell them to whitelist the publication's Substack email address.They often have email filters that are out of your individual control and can quickly resolve the issue.

There may be an email block

Go to your Substack account and see if there's an "Email block" message from Substack.


Follow the instructions on how to clear the email block.

If you're still not receiving any Substack emails, contact our Support team here.

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