How do I listen to a Substack post?

(For listeners)

With text-to-speech, you can listen to posts in the Substack app in just two steps.

Note: Text-to-speech is available on most but not on all publications.

1. Open the Substack app and tap on the play icon on a post.

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2. The audio will automatically start playing in the app player.

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Tips for text-to-speech:

  • Just like a podcast episode or voiceover, the audio will play in the background unless you tap pause or fully exit/fully close the app i.e. remove it from your device's menu of open apps.
  • You can speed up or slow down the reading by tapping on the playback speed button (ex. 1x). The voice can't be changed.
  • If a publication doesn't have text-to-speech available or on some older posts, you may see a message about how the post doesn't have audio when you tap the play icon.


Tip: Text-to-speech is only available on posts written in English.

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