What is Substack Boost?

Introducing Boost: Growth on autopilot

Put the Substack team’s data and expertise to work for your publication. Substack Boost will automatically show discounts and special offers at the right moment to maximize your revenue. Turn on Substack Boost — it’s completely free to use and requires no time to set up or manage.

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Growing a Substack publication isn’t all on your shoulders. The Substack team is building tools that will grow your Substack on auto-pilot so you can focus on the hard part: the writing itself.

Boost is our most comprehensive investment to date in helping writers accelerate their businesses. For writers who opt into Boost, we’ll work in the background to optimize your revenue by determining the most opportune times to offer a particular subscriber a special offer, including free trials, discounts on paid subscriptions, gift subscriptions, or the likes. These upsell efforts require no time from the writer to manage or implement – and you can opt out at any time.

Once you turn on Boost, we’ll automatically use special offers at just the right moments to maximize your earnings. For example, we may use Boost to optimize free to paid conversion on promotional surfaces and to help prevent subscribers from churning.

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