What is a Welcome page?

When new readers who haven't been to your publication before visit your Substack, they'll be automatically shown a Welcome page. 



The Welcome page will show:

  • A cover photo (image or GIF) to introduce your publication.
  • The author of the publication.
  • A description i.e. what you write about.
  • How long the publication has been on Substack or the total number of your subscribers.
  • Any endorsements (up to 3).

How do I edit my Welcome page?

To make changes to your Welcome page, head to your Settings and click on Basics in the left navigation bar. Select "edit" next to the below features:

Cover photo: Add or change the photo for your Welcome page. Once you upload a photo, you'll have the option to hide your publication's name or one-line description. If you upload an image, it should be at least 600 x 600px. GIFs can be used as a cover photo by uploading any .gif file.

Author: To change the name that displays on your Welcome page, head to your Profile and edit your name.

Short description: This appears at the top of the Welcome page. If you'd like to change your description after creating your publication, head to this section and make any edits here.

Subscriber count: If your publication has more than 1,000 total subscribers, this will be shown on your Welcome page. You can hide your subscriber number in your publication's Settings. In the Publication Details section, click on the toggle next to "Display publication info" to remove the number.

CleanShot 2023-08-31 at 13.49.19@2x.png

Recommendation blurbs: Here, you'll be able to add or remove any endorsements from other Substack writers. Only Substack writers who have recommended you to their readers can be added to your Welcome page. Blurbs will not appear on the mobile version of Substack.

Can readers subscribe to my publication on the Welcome page?

Yes! Readers can enter their email address to subscribe or they can select to browse your publication first. The text underneath the subscribe box is customizable. If you'd like to change it from the default "No thanks", head to your Publication details on your Settings page. Enter up to 25 characters what readers will see and click when they choose not to subscribe at that moment.


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