How do I change a post from paid to free?

If you've published a post for paid subscribers and would like to open it to free readers, you can unlock the post by following these steps.

1. When logged into your Substack account, head to your Posts tab.

2. On the post you want to change, click on the hamburger menu and select "Edit post".


3. On the post editor page, select Settings.


4. Change your audience under "This post is for..." from "Paid subscribers only" to "Everyone" and select Save.


5. Your post will now be unlocked so that free readers and paid subscribers can view your post.

Interested in scheduling a paid post to unlock automatically and be sent as a newsletter to free subscribers?

Once you're finished with the draft, click "Continue". On the Publish page, check the box next to "Schedule time to unlock post and email free subscribers". Select a date and time and your post will unlock for free readers on the web and be sent as an email to your free subscribers at the scheduled time.


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