How do I listen to a Substack post?

(For listeners)

With text-to-speech, you can listen to posts in the Substack app in just two steps.

Note: Text-to-speech is available on most but not on all publications.

1. Open the Substack app and tap on the headphones icon on a post. An Audio Options menu will appear.


2. Tap "Play Now" and the app player will appear. You can also tap "Play Next" to make a playlist of posts you'd like to hear at a later time.


Tips for text-to-speech:

  • Just like a podcast episode or voiceover, the audio will play in the background unless you tap pause or fully exit/fully close the app i.e. remove it from your device's menu of open apps.
  • You can speed up or slow down the reading by tapping on the playback speed button (ex. 1x). The voice can't be changed.
  • If a publication doesn't have text-to-speech available or on some older posts, you may see a message about how the post doesn't have audio when you tap the headphones icon.


Tip: Text-to-speech is only available on posts written in English.

(For writers)

As this feature is new, not all publications will have it enabled to start. If you'd like to request access to text-to-speech on your posts, please fill out this form and our team will review your request!

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