How do I embed an audio file in my Substack post?

Looking to create an audio version of a post that your subscribers can listen to? That's a Voiceover! Learn more here on how to add one.

With our audio embed tool, you can directly embed an audio file anywhere into a post. 

1. Sign in to your Substack account and select "+New post" on your Posts page. From the drop-down menu, select "Post".

New post.png

2. From the post editor toolbar, select the headphones icon and click on "Audio embed".


3. You can either upload an audio file or record audio directly into the post. To use our recording feature, check your browser settings to ensure that Substack has access to your microphone.


4. Select "Insert" and move the audio file wherever you'd like in the post: at the top, in-between text, or as a closing line. To move the file, click and drag the file.


Note: You do not need to create an audio post to embed audio in a post– simply start drafting a regular post. Embedded audio, recorded or uploaded, cannot be downloaded by you or the listener.

Can I embed more than one audio file in a single post?

Yes! You can insert as many audio files as you'd like and the location is up to you. Just like other media files that can be embedded in a post, you can also place an audio embed below a paywall

Your subscribers or new readers will be able to listen to the audio embeds on a web post or in the Substack app as they read through the text. They can play and pause the audio files anytime.

Note: Audio embeds will appear in an email newsletter but will play in a new web browser.

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