What are Substack leaderboards?

Substack leaderboards are designed so that publishers can find new subscribers and subscribers can find great publishers. 

On the Discover page are a variety of categories where readers can click on what interests them and then filter and see the "Top paid" and "All" publications in that category.

Note: "Top paid" are mainly based on GAR and "All" refers to all publications which appear in that category on our leaderboards.

How do I get on a leaderboard?

All of our categories except "Featured" and "Featured recommenders" are automated based on a writer's performance on Substack with factors including total number of paid and free subscribers and frequency of publishing. 

Subscribers are the most important and with Recommendations, this cross-promotion tool helps writers to directly endorse each other’s publications on Substack and gain new subscribers.

  • Featured recommenders: publications we feature that are generating the most subscriptions for other publications via Recommendations in the last two weeks.
  • Writer favorites: publications with the most recommendations relative to their size.


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