What are Substack leaderboards?

Substack leaderboards are designed so that publishers can find new subscribers and subscribers can find great publishers. 

On the Explore page are a variety of categories where readers can click on what interests them and easily subscribe.

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How do I get on a leaderboard?

All categories except "Staff Picks" are automated based on a writer's performance on Substack with factors including the total number of paid subscribers.

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Our leaderboards have always spotlighted publications that have found success through paid subscriptions. Subscribers are the most important, and with Recommendations, this cross-promotion tool helps writers directly endorse each other’s publications on Substack and gain new subscribers.

How can I find leaderboards for specific countries?

At Substack Around the World, you can select from more than 50 countries to see the top publications and posts in that country.

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Top posts are based on readers in a specific country and top publications are based on the location of the publication or author.

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