Can I moderate comments on my Substack posts?

On a post, you can either remove comments or moderate comments reported by readers.

If you'd like to moderate comments on a post, you can enable comment reporting on your publication.

1. Navigate to your publication's Settings page and click on Community in the left navigation bar.

2. Click on the toggle next to "Enable comment reports".


3. Click on "Manage comments" to view the comment moderation queue.

How does reader-reported comments work?

Readers can help identify and report unwanted commenter behavior by using the reporting tool on comments.

Reported comments will appear in the "Reported" tab. Review the comment and select "Approve" or "Remove". 


  • If you choose to remove the comment, it'll appear in the "Removed" tab and not be visible to other readers.
  • If you choose to approve the comment, it'll appear in the "Approved" tab and remain on your publication.

To see why a reader reported a comment, select "See report reasons".


Will I be notified about reader-reported comments?

Yes! Depending on if there are any new reader-reported comments, you will be notified on a daily cadence via email.


Note: If you do not want your readers to be able to report comments, you can move the toggle to the left next to “Enable comment reports” in the Community section of your Settings.

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