How can I recommend other publications on Substack?

Recommendations enable writers to promote and support one another. Publications you recommend are promoted to your audience and the writers of those publications are prompted to recommend you back.

How do I recommend publications?

Head to your Settings and scroll to the "Recommend other publications" section. Select "Manage recommendations".


On the Manage Recommendations page you can:

  • Add or remove recommendations.
  • Write a blurb explaining why you recommend that publication.


Where do recommendations appear?

Recommended publications are presented to your new readers in three places:

1. In the subscribe flow, your recommendations are presented to readers after they subscribe to your publication.


Readers are presented with up to seven recommendations. If you have more than seven recommendations, we'll show a random selection. If you write a "Why I recommend" blurb, it'll appear here.

2. On your publication's homepage.


3. On your publication's Recommendations page.


Note: You can find a link to this page in the footer of your publication's homepage.

How are recommended writers notified?

Recommended writers will receive an email notification letting them know that you are recommending their publication.


If you recommend a writer that subscribes to your publication, they’ll receive the email within an hour.

If the writer isn't subscribed to you, they'll receive the notification at a later time when the recommendation has resulted in some number of new subscribers.

Tip: If you write a "Why I recommend" blurb, it'll appear in this email.

Where can I see the impact of my recommendations?

Your publication's Recommendations  stats page shows who is recommending you, who you're recommending, and the number of free subscriptions each recommendation has generated.


Note: This feature is in beta and is being actively developed and improved. Some features may not work exactly as described. 

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