Understanding your Substack Podcast dashboard

On your Podcast tab, you can see overall data on how your podcast is performing:

  • Average downloads 7/30/90 days after publishing an episode
  • Daily and cumulative downloads
  • Total downloads for each episode
  • Top countries and top players your audience is using


The Overview shows total and average downloads 7/30/90 days after publishing an episode.


Note: Total downloads are how many times a listener has downloaded or streamed an episode on their device via a web post or a podcast player. Any podcasts apps or players that use your Substack RSS feed as the source will be included.



Each podcast episode also has a corresponding Substack post which you can view on the Posts tab. Click to expand the post and see view and open rates (if sent as an email) as well as any subscriptions gained after listening to that episode.

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 12.10.32 PM.png

What is the difference between views and downloads?
Readers can view a post by going to your Substack publication on the web and never stream the episode. Alternatively, listeners can download or stream an episode via their podcast player and never view the post. 

These are two different stats.

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