How do I subscribe to a new publication on the Substack iOS app?

You can easily subscribe to a publication that you see on your Home feed or you discover new Substacks by tapping on the magnifying glass at the top of your device.

You can find a new publication by using the search bar or by clicking on a category that interests you.

For publications you find under Categories, you can automatically subscribe by tapping the "+" icon.


When on a publication, the easiest way to subscribe is by tapping the Subscribe button.



Tip: You can also find new publications by subscribing to publications that your favorite publication recommends. 

What happens after I subscribe?

You're now a free reader and will receive a confirmation email from Substack with additional upgrade options to become a paying subscriber if the publication has paid posts and a Welcome email from the author. 

Any new posts will appear in your Inbox and you can access past posts by tapping on your profile picture to see your full library of subscriptions.

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