How do I listen to episodes on my podcast app?

You can listen to episodes directly on your favorite podcast app if you're subscribed to a Substack that publishes podcasts.

Adding your private podcast feed to a podcast app

Using a link sent via email (on your phone)

1. In the podcast setup email you receive from Substack, click on "Set up podcast" and a new tab will open on your browser. Alternatively, you can sign into your Substack account and access the private podcast feed on the manage subscription page of the Substack you want to listen to.


Note: If you tap your preferred podcast app and it does not load, please try manually adding the podcast feed URL to the app itself.

2. Select your podcast app, and your unique private RSS feed should automatically populate in the show URL box.


3. Follow the show, and you can now access episodes in your Library.

Manually add a private RSS feed to your podcast app

On your account Settings page:

1. Click on the publication you'd like to listen to on your podcast app.


2. On your manage subscription page, scroll to the Private podcast feed section. Click "Set up podcast".

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 12.37.32 PM.png

3. Copy the feed URL and paste it into your podcast app.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 4.54.04 PM.png

  • Apple Podcasts: Click on Library and the three dots in the top right corner. Select "Add a Show by URL" and enter the link you copied from Substack.


  • Overcast: Click on the plus sign and tap Add URL. Enter the link that you copied from Substack.


  • Pocket Casts: Enter the link you copied from Substack into the search bar. The show will appear. Tap on the plus sign to add the Substack podcast to this app.


Tip: Typically, you can enter the URL into the podcast app show search bar or in an "Add URL" section.

For listeners with paid subscriptions

The publication you're subscribed to may offer exclusive audio or episodes for paying subscribers only. If you're a paid subscriber, paid episodes will appear in your private RSS feed. If the podcaster publishes these, free listeners may see free previews of paid episodes in their feed.

If you cancel your paid subscription, your subscription status will change to a free subscriber, and your feed will return to the same as a free feed.

On the Spotify app

If you're a paying subscriber to a Substack podcast, you can now listen to both free and paid episodes on Spotify.

Linking a Substack subscriber account to Spotify for The Flow State podcast

For a more convenient listening experience, you can learn how to link your Substack and Spotify accounts to access free and paid episodes on Spotify. 

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