How do I share posts or publications from other writers on my Substack?

Have a writer you'd like to share with your Substack audience?

By embedding a link into your post, your readers will be able to see a card-style preview which links to other Substack posts and publications.

How do I embed a link to share a publication?

1. Copy the writer's Substack URL and paste it directly into a new post.

2. Choose how you'd like the card to appear by selecting a layout icon on top of the embed.

  • Horizontal icon: Clicking on the card will send readers directly to the writer's Substack main page.



  • Vertical icon: A subscribe button will appear.



How do I embed a link to share a post?

To share a post, grab a post's URL and paste it directly into your draft post. This will embed a linked preview of the post's first few lines.


Can I embed my own posts in a new post?

Yes! When creating a new post, you can insert links to past free and/or paid posts. By doing this, you can quote and share past content and also lets readers get a sneak peek of a paid post.

Grab a post's URL and paste it directly into your draft post. Click on the hamburger menu and select how you'd like your embed to appear.


A small display will display the social preview image.


A large display will display the social preview image and a snippet of the post. To edit the caption that appears in the large display embed, click on "Edit caption" and once the edit is ready, select "Save".


If you'd prefer the original card-style preview, select "Convert to default".


Tip: If you'd prefer to embed a direct link/URL with no preview or image, select "Convert to link".

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