How can I create multiple newsletters or podcasts under one publication?

You can create and manage multiple newsletters or podcasts associated with a single publication by following these steps:

1. Head to your publication's Settings page and scroll to "Sections". To create a newsletter section, select "New newsletter". To create a podcast, click on "New podcast".


2. Once you've filled out the details of your new section, select whether you'd like to:

  • Add new subscribers by default
    Any new subscriber who sign ups for your publication will be automatically subscribed to your section. If this box is unchecked, they will have to subscribe to this newsletter or podcast separately.
  • Copy your email list
    Existing subscribers to your publication will automatically be subscribed to this newsletter or podcast. Subscribers will not receive a notification when added to a new section.

3. Sections will be displayed at the top of your publication’s homepage and will be given an editable URL slug within your publication domain that defaults to the section's title: (Replace your with the name of your publication)

What happens if I have a new subscriber? 

If you've checked the box next to "Add new subscribers by default" when creating a section, then all new subscribers will receive all sections by default. They can edit this by doing one of the following:

  • Click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any email from you, which takes them to a page where they can choose what to subscribe to.
  • Log into their Substack account, head to their Settings, select their subscription and choose which sections to receive.


Some things to keep in mind when using sections: 

  • We recommend using sections for publishing new content rather than displaying static resources or information, for which recommended links is a better feature.
  • Creating multiple sections under one publication is a separate feature from authoring multiple publications from your Substack account. You can author multiple publications, which your readers will subscribe to separately, by following the steps here
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