How do I cancel a subscription and issue a refund for a paid subscriber on Substack?

To cancel a paid subscription and issue a refund, navigate to your  Subscribers tab.

Locate the paid subscriber by entering their email address in the Search bar:


Click on the three dots next to their name and select "Edit Subscription":


You'll then have the option to cancel their subscription with a pro-rated or full refund.

Once the paid subscriber is canceled, the reader will be notified via email about their refund and be downgraded to a free subscriber. They'll receive free posts but won’t have access to paid-only posts or comments on paid-only posts.

To learn more about Substack's refund policy, read this article.

Important: Publishers should issue all refunds through the Substack Subscribers dashboard. Refunds issued through the Stripe dashboard will include Substack's 10% fee.
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