Can I make a private Substack publication?

A private Substack publication is a secret publication you can host alone or invite others to join. Once you enable this feature, your Substack will be blocked from the public, but any current readers (free subscribers and/or paying subscribers) will still have access to the private publication. 

You can decide not to invite anyone to your private publication or invite others to join by sending them an invitation via email. You can also give access to your paying subscribers to invite up to 10 friends.

To turn this on, navigate to your Settings page and scroll down to "Import your email list". Check the box next to “Invite-only mode”.


How do I invite readers to my private Substack?

When logged into your Substack account, head to this link:

Replace "your subdomain" with the name of your Substack publication.

You can also view the invite form by clicking on "Click here" in the "Let paid subscribers invite" section.


Enter the reader's name and email address and select "Invite".


The reader will be automatically subscribed as a free subscriber and sent an email confirmation. If you have payments enabled, they'll be prompted to upgrade their subscription.

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