How do I change my subscription plan on Substack?

Subscribed to a publication and want to change your plan from monthly to annual or annual to a founding member? Follow these quick steps on how to do that directly on your Substack account.

1. Navigate to your Substack account Settings page:


2. Under Subscriptions, click on the paid publication you want to update.


3. Click "Change" next to Plan in the Subscription section.

Change plan.png

4. Choose from the following plans you'd like to switch to and select "Change plan".

Change subscription.png

Note: If you want to cancel your paid subscription, follow these steps here.

What happens if I upgrade my subscription plan from annual to founding member?

If you upgrade your subscription plan from annual to founding member, you'll be charged a prorated amount, and your renewal date will change to the date you made the upgrade. You'll receive a payment receipt email showing the pro-rated amount. The renewal date will not stay the same as the original date for the annual plan. For example, if it's January 8th, 2024, and you change your plan to founding member, your next renewal date will be January 8th, 2025.

This scenario shows what could happen if you upgrade your annual plan ($100) to a founding member ($200):

  • If you purchase an annual plan on January 1st and immediately upgrade to a founding membership, you'll be charged an additional $100.00 to upgrade.
  • If you upgrade on July 1, you'll be charged $150.00. 
  • If you upgrade on December 31, you'll be charged $200.00.
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