Can I set up another subscription plan for readers who want to pay more?

The Founding Member plan allows your most loyal readers to subscribe at any amount higher than the regular plans.

If you have paid subscriptions enabled, head to your publication's Settings page and scroll to Founding member plan.

Enter the suggested amount and click "Save".


Once this plan is enabled, it will be displayed on your Subscription plan page along with the monthly and annual plans.

With the founding member plan, you can send send email newsletters to just this tier of subscribers or they can view posts that are just for them.

Once you're ready to publish your draft post, select "This post is for founding member only" on the Publish page.


Founding members will be sent a newsletter and can view the post on the web as well. Non-founding members will see a paywall when viewing a post that's only for founding members.


Note: Founding member posts will have a special founding members symbol instead of the standard lock symbol for paid posts.

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