Can I pause my publication?

If you're planning on taking a break from your publication, you can pause your paid subscriptions.

When you pause:

  • The billing cycles for all of your existing paid subscriptions will also be paused
  • Paid subscribers will still have access to your paid subscriber only content, but they will not be charged until after you've unpaused
  • New readers will not be able to sign up for a paid subscription
  • New readers can still sign up to be on the free list
  • Pausing effectively extends subscription windows for existing subscribers. For example, if a paid subscriber had 12 days left on their subscription when you paused, then they will have 12 days left when you unpause regardless of how long you've been on pause

When you're ready to start writing again, you can unpause, which will resume the billing cycles of your paid subscribers.

To pause your publication, go to your Settings>Set up paid subscription under Pause subscription billing.


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