Are there any countries or geographies you don't support?

If you have a free Substack publication, you can start from anywhere. If you're planning to add paid subscriptions, you can view a list of countries supported by Stripe, our payments provider.

India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, and Malaysia are exceptions to this list for additional technical reasons. Our paid subscriptions are currently in beta for these countries.

During this time, writers based in India or Brazil who've connected to Stripe can still enable paid subscriptions, but Substack does not currently charge a fee (you'll still be charged the usual payment processing fee). As of May 2024, writers based in India who haven't connected to Stripe but would like to will not be able connect and sign up for a new Stripe account via Substack. You will need to request an invite to directly from Stripe.

Please note that Substack's 10% fee will eventually apply, and plan accordingly. This won't apply to customers of your publication, but only to writers who would like to set up paid subscriptions via Stripe accounts based in these countries.

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