I'm the administrator of a group subscription. How do I add members?

As the group subscription admin, you're able to add seats to your current group at any given time.

To add members to your group subscription:

1. Log into Substack with the email address used to purchase the group subscription.

2. Navigate to your Settings page by clicking on your profile icon and selecting "Settings" from the drop-down menu.


3. Under Subscriptions, click on the publication you'd like to add members to.


4. Scroll down to Group Subscription and enter the email addresses of each member.


5. Once you add a member, they'll receive a Welcome email from the publication's writer.

Can I add more seats to the group subscription?

If you've filled all of the slots in the group subscription, you can add more seats to the group plan in the Group Subscription section. You'll immediately get charged a one-time pro-rated amount for the time that's remaining on your billing cycle for a seat(s). We'll display the pro-rated amount, the new yearly subscription rate that reflects the total number of seats, and the date of your next billing cycle.


For example, if you originally signed up a group of 10 seats and would like to add 1 additional seat five months before your renewal date, you'll be charged a pro-rated amount for five months. On the next annual renewal cycle, you'll be charged for 11 group seats. 

Note: If you're on an unlimited group subscription plan, you won't see the option to purchase additional seats.

Can I cancel subscriptions during the year? 

Cancelling subscriptions during the annual plan isn't possible. However, as a group admin, you can remove people from the plan which will open up seats for other people. 

For example, if you have 10 people in your group subscription and want to remove 5, you can do so from your Substack account. If you remove 5 people, this opens up 5 seats in your group plan.

Tip: You can change who the subscribers are in your group subscription plan an infinite amount of times. If you need reduce the number of seats with a pro-rated refund, please contact our Support team.

Can individuals who already have a subscription be added to a group subscription?

If there are individuals who already have their own subscription but now want to be part of a group subscription, you can do the following:

  • For a new group: Subscribe a group, keeping the number of seats in mind, and in the Group Subscription section add the individuals using the same email addresses that they use for their current subscriptions.
  • For an existing group: In the Group Subscription section, add the individuals as new members using the same email addresses that they use for their current subscriptions.

Once added to the group, the existing individual subscriptions will automatically be canceled and refunded back to the subscribers.

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