How do I update my Substack profile?

When logged into your Substack account on the web, click on your profile photo in the upper right corner and select your name. You can also update your profile on the Substack app by clicking on your profile picture, selecting Settings, and Edit profile. Not every setting found on the web version of your Substack profile is available on the Substack app.


Your profile will display:

  • Your photo and bio
  • Any social links you've connected
  • What publications you write for
  • What publications you read
  • Any Substack posts you've published, notes you've posted, and posts and notes that you've liked.

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How do I make changes to my Substack profile?

To make changes, click on the pencil icon when on your profile page.

  • To change your photo: Click on the pencil icon and select a new photo from your device.
  • To show or hide what publications you read: Scroll to the Reads section and adjust the toggle. If the toggle is to the right, this publication will be displayed on your profile. If the toggle is to the left, this publication will be hidden. 

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  • Activity privacy: If enabled, your profile may appear in the Likes list on a Substack post. To hide your profile from appearing, toggle this setting to Off.

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Note: Need to change your email address? Learn more here on how to make that update.

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