How do I edit what my post looks like on social media?

Interested in seeing what your post will look like on social media?

1. From the Substack post editor, click on Settings at the bottom of the draft post.

2. The social preview section displays what your post will look like on public places.

  • To change the text, click the "edit" link, or click on the box itself.
  • To select a different image from your post for the preview, hover over the thumbnail or click "Upload New".

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 5.26.40 PM.png

If you edit the social preview when on the Publish page of a draft, you will not see a "Save" button. Any changes will be saved automatically.

Tip: For photos to appear in the social preview, we recommend the dimensions to be at least 420x300 pixels (or larger).
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