Can my publication have multiple authors or contributors?

Yes, you can add multiple contributors to your publication.

  1. Head to your publication's Settings tab.
  2. Click on Publication Details in the left navigation bar and scroll to the Team section.
  3. Click "Invite" and type the email address of the person you'd like to invite. Click "Invite".


  • If someone is listed as public, they'll appear on your People page as an author.
  • If you give someone Admin privileges, they will have full access to your Settings. They can also start a new thread on Chat.
  • If you give someone contributor privileges, they can see your Posts and Subscribers (minus any GAR information) tabs, but not your Settings or Stats tabs. This means that they can view, edit, and publish drafts.
  • If you give someone byline privileges, they can be listed as an author but cannot access Posts or Settings.

Tip: To remove someone from your team, select the three dots and click "Remove". To change the role of a team member, click on the role and select either Byline, Contributor, or Admin.

Prefer to have a one-time or occasional guest writer on your publication? Try adding the collaborator directly to the byline on a draft post and they'll appear as a guest writer. They will only be able to view the draft and not make any edits.

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