How do I distribute my podcast to apps?

There are a few main directories you'll probably want to submit your podcast RSS feed to. On your podcast settings page, you can find a list of these external players.

You'll need to:

1. Copy your Substack RSS feed URL.

2. Submit your podcast to an external podcast player– find the direct link on your podcast settings page.

3. Once submitted, enter your new external player URL on the podcast settings page. When you publish an episode, this URL will be shown on the episode post .

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 11.11.46 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 11.18.30 PM.png

Note: Your RSS URL won’t be accepted until you publish an episode. Create your first episode announcing your podcast or publish your first episode before submitting your feed to players.

How do I distribute my podcast to Apple?

You may want to distribute your podcast to Apple as listeners will be able to find your podcast in pretty much any podcast directory, because most podcast apps just scrape from Apple.


1. On your Podcast tab, click Settings.

Click 'Settings'

2. Scroll to the Apple Podcast section and click "Copy URL".

Click 'Copy URL'

3. Click on "Visit Apple Podcasts Connect". A new browser window will open.

Click 'Visit Apple Podcasts Connect'

4. Enter your Apple ID login details and select "Get Started". Substack will not have access to your Apple login information.

Click 'Get Started'

5. Set up your account and accept Apple's Terms of Service. Click "Add Show".

Click 'Add Show'

6. When prompted to choose a show type, select "Add a show with an RSS feed". 

Click 'Next'

7. Paste the Substack podcast RSS feed URL that you copied from your Substack and select "Add".

Fill ''

8. After you add your RSS feed, it can take a few minutes for your podcast to sync to Apple. Click Publish and in the Show Details section, grab the Apple Podcasts URL.

9. Paste the Apple Podcasts URL in Step 3 of the Distribute your podcast section on Substack and click "Save".

Fill ''

10. Your Substack podcast is now synced to Apple. Subscribers can listen to your show by adding a private podcast RSS feed from their Manage subscription page or by clicking on the Listen on Apple link that appears on a post.

How do I disconnect my Substack podcast from podcast players?

If you manually added your Substack feed to Spotify for Podcasters, follow the steps here to remove your podcast. If you synced your feed to Spotify directly on Substack, head to your podcast settings page and select "Disconnect from Spotify". To remove your podcast distribution from Apple Podcasts, the steps can be found here.

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