How do I embed media in my post (e.g. images, audio, video, GIFs)?

Here's our tips on how to use the Substack editor to add media to your posts.

How to add images

Drag and drop them into your draft post, or upload a new file by clicking on this icon:


How to add a GIF

Drag and drop them into your draft post, or upload a new file by clicking on the icon above, just as you would any other image.

How to to embed rich media like Youtube, Spotify tracks, or Tweets

Copy-and-paste the URL directly into the draft post and the embeds will automatically appear. 

How to add a banner image

Above your post title, select, "Update email template". You can upload a banner image on the next page.Screen_Shot_2021-07-25_at_10.12.49_PM.png

Note: Image must be in PNG format.

How to add an NFT (NEW!)

Currently, OpenSea is the only supported platform and links to NFTS will display as rich embeds in a Substack post.

Here are two ways to embed an NFT:

  • Copy and paste an OpenSea link directly into your post and it'll automatically convert it to an embed. An image of the the NFT will appear as well as other details such as the name, creator, and a button to view the NFT directly on OpenSea.
  •  Hyperlink the NFT in your post by clicking on the "Link" icon and adding custom text and the OpenSea URL.


Note: You can embed a video, GIF, image, and music NFTs in your post.

Looking for more tips on how to make your posts stand out? Check out our Editor guide.

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