How do I see replies to an email newsletter I've sent out?

Your Substack writer email is an alias to the address on your Substack account, which means when a subscriber replies to an email newsletter, you'll receive it in your inbox, just like a regular email.

All Substack posts are sent from an email address with the format [subdomain] At this time, there currently isn't an option to change or otherwise customize this address. 

If you aren't receiving any replies from readers, we recommend these troubleshooting tips:

1. Check Your Email Settings: Ensure you can receive emails at your Substack account by checking your publication's Settings page. Under Branding, ensure the "Receive email replies to your posts from" option is set to Everyone. This will allow you to receive emails forwarded from your Substack alias.

2. Email Forwarding: Emails sent to your Substack alias are automatically forwarded to the email address listed as the owner of your Substack publication. Check the inbox of the email address associated with your Substack account.


Tip: Only want to receive replies from your subscribers? View steps on how to change those settings here.

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