How do I publish a new post on Substack?

Ready to write a post and share it with your Substack readers?

1. Head to your Home or Posts tab and select New post.

New post.png

2. Start writing using our Substack editor.


3. When you're ready, select Publish and you'll have the option to choose:

  • The intended audience (everyone, paid subscribers, free subscribers, or founding members)
  • Who can comment on your post
  • Add a free preview for a paid post
  • If you'd like to send the post via email and Substack app inbox
  • A future date and time to publish your post

Note: If you're a writer with a publication, publishing a post on the app is not possible at this time.

How do I save a draft?

Posts are automatically saved as drafts. Click on Version History to see drafts of your post.

If you return to your Dashboard, you can view all your unpublished posts in the Drafts section on the right panel.

Tip: Have a draft you'd like to share? On the Substack editor, click on Settings at the bottom of the draft. On the post Settings page, you'll find a secret draft link that you can copy and share.

How do I only publish a post to my publication?

Your posts are set to publish to the web and be sent via email and to the Substack app by default. If you'd like to only publish a post to your publication, uncheck the box next to "Send via email and Substack app inbox" after clicking on Publish.


Can I resend an edited post to my subscribers?

Once a post is emailed, it can't be resent- sorry about that! Any edits you make to a published post will only appear on the web version of the post. 

Can I add a reading time to my posts?

An estimated reading time for posts will only appear on the Substack app.  However, you can manually estimate the reading time and add a line to the top of your draft and then publish it.

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