Can I create multiple publications under the same account?

Follow these steps to create a new publication under your Substack account.

1. Head to your Substack account Settings page and scroll to "Publications".


2. Click on "Create publication" and start the process of creating a new publication. You'll be asked to:

How do I switch between publications?

When you're signed into your Substack account, click on the down arrow next to Dashboard. Select which publication you'd like to view or publish posts from.

You'll see the Dashboard menu at the top of the page regardless of whether you're signed into a publication or on



How do I choose which publication I want to appear next to my name in comments or Notes?

If you've selected two or more of your Substack publications to appear on your profile, then you'll see the option to select your primary publication.

Head to your Substack account Settings and scroll to the Primary Publication section. From the drop-down menu, select which publication you want to appear besides your name. If one of your publications is private, it will not appear in the primary publication drop-down menu.


I have two Substacks– how do I merge them?

Substack publications can't be combined or merged together. As a workaround, you can export the publication you'd like to consolidate and import it to the publication that you'd like to keep.

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