How do I get an invoice for my subscription?

Need a detailed receipt of your paid subscription to your favorite Substack newsletter?

1. Log into your Substack account and head to your Settings.


2. Scroll down to Subscriptions and click on the publication you'd like an invoice for.


3. In the payment information section, select "View" next to Billing history.


4. On the Payment & receipt history page, select the hamburger menu next to the subscription you'd like an invoice for. From the drop-down menu, select "View invoice."


5. A new browser tab will open which will show your subscription details from Stripe (our payment processing partner). Select "Download invoice".

6. A PDF version of your invoice will be downloaded to your device.


How do I add billing details to my subscription invoices?

If you need billing details such as a company name, address, or Tax ID on your subscription invoices, head to the Payment Information section and select "Edit" next to Payment method."

On the billing details page, enter a billing email, name/company name, or billing address. Select from the drop-down menu various types of tax categories such as European VAT or US EIN and enter the corresponding information.


Click Save and your billing information will appear on any invoices which can be downloaded following the steps above.

Note: If the publication has enabled Stripe Tax, then tax will be collected at the time you select a paid subscription plan (monthly, annual, or founder). The tax amount will appear as a line item on your invoice.

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