How do I offer group subscriptions?

If you think that organizations, companies, or other institutions might want to buy multiple subscriptions for their members, you can provide group subscriptions.

In this guide, we'll show you how to:

Managing group subscriptions

Head to your Subscribers page and click on "Manage group subscriptions".


Here, you'll be able to see your current group subscriptions and the number of seats filled per group subscription.


Creating a group discount

For a target audience

On your group subscriptions page, click on "Create new group offer". Enter the group admin's email, minimum number of seats for the offer, and the discount percentage you'd like to offer.



Note: The minimum number of seats for a group subscription discount is 4 seats.

After clicking on "Send offer", the group admin will automatically receive an email about the offer.


Clicking on the offer will send the group administrator to a subscription page. Here, they'll be able to enter a credit card or see the option to pay by ACH and add the number of seats they'd like to purchase.


For any group

If you'd like to offer a default discount that can be used by anyone who is purchasing a group subscription, head to your publication's Settings and scroll down to the Group Subscriptions section. Select "Add a group subscription discount".


Letting your readers know about group subscriptions

For regular annual subscriptions

Group subscriptions for annual plans are available via (replace "your" with the name of your Substack publication) and an administrator can subscribe with a single card.


You can also let readers know about group subscriptions by adding a button in a post. On the post editor, select Buttons and select Get a group subscription. Readers can then click on the button and sign up a group with the default discount.


For discounted annual subscriptions

Head to your Group Subscriptions page and create a new offer outlined in the steps above. A group administrator will automatically be emailed the offer and can subscribe their group right away.

What happens next?

Once the group subscription admin subscribes to the publication, they can enter the group's emails on their Settings page. Learn more here on the next steps of group subscriptions.


Note: Group subscription administrators can add a new seat to the group subscription anytime.

Can individuals who already have a subscription be added to a group subscription?

If there are individuals who already have their own subscription but now want to be part of a group subscription, the group administrator can do the following:

  • For a new group: Subscribe a group, keeping the number of seats in mind, and in the Group Subscription section add the individuals using the same email addresses that the individuals use for their current subscriptions.
  • For an existing group: In their Group Subscription section, add the individuals as new members using the same email addresses that the individuals use for their current subscriptions.

Once added to the group, the existing individual subscriptions will automatically be canceled and refunded back to the subscribers.

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