How do I enable or disable likes on my posts?

1. Navigate to your publication's Settings tab and click on Community in the left navigation bar.

2. Next to "Enable community features", move the toggle to the right.


3. With community features enabled, you'll be able to see the number of likes and click to see a list of readers who liked that post.


4. If you'd like to make likes more visible to readers, check the box next to "Show reader profile for likes" in the same Community section.


With this enabled, readers who like a post will have their profile pictures displayed next to the likes count.


Note: Only readers who have enabled likes to be visible on their Substack profile will appear on the Likes list. Readers who have this disabled won't appear on the list but will count towards the likes.

Where can I see who liked my post?

You can see who liked your post in several places.

At the bottom of the post

Click on the number of likes and see the list of reader profiles who hearted your post. Just note that some profiles may not be visible if they have disabled likes from being visible on their Substack profile.


Email notifications

Head to your Settings tab and scroll to the Notifications section. Click on the toggle next to "Post like email notifications" and you'll receive an email every time a subscriber likes your post. With this setting on, you'll also be able to view likes in your Activity section on your Substack account.


Can I make likes private so that only I can see who liked my post?

If you click the toggle to the left next to "Show reader profiles for likes", the profile pictures of readers who've liked your posts won't be displayed but the Likes list will still populate.

  • For free posts, any reader who visits your post can see the profiles of other readers/subscribers who've liked that post.
  • For paid posts, only paying subscribers will be able to view other paying subscribers' profiles who've liked that post.
  • Likes made on invite-only publications will not be visible on a reader's profile.

Note: Historical likes made prior to the launch of the new likes feature (late May 2022) will not be visible. Only the number of likes and/or any new likes with a reader's profile picture since the feature's launch will appear on an older post.

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