How do I start a discussion thread on Substack?

To start a discussion thread, first check on your publication's Settings page that community features have been enabled.

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1. On your Home or Posts page, select the down arrow next to "+New post" and click on "Thread".

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2. Enter a title and text and select Continue.


3. After clicking Continue, you can select your audience, send it via an email and the Substack app inbox, or schedule a time to email and publish the post. 

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If you have payments enabled on your publication, you can limit the post to your paying subscribers (monthly/annual/founding) subscribers or founding members only. Free readers will see a paywall and be prompted to upgrade their subscription.

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4. Threads will appear with a chat icon next to the title of the thread post. If your post is set to "Everyone", any reader with a Substack profile can comment. If you've scheduled your paid thread to unlock to free readers at a future time, any reader with a Substack profile can comment once it's unlocked.

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Tip: If you'd like to embed a threads post in a regular post, remove "comments" from the thread's post URL. The correct URL should look like

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