How do I get featured on Substack?

Our team amplifies and elevates the rich kaleidoscope of writing on Substack. We look for writers who are going deep into a clear topic and exemplify best practices, like posting regularly and engaging with readers. We rotate our features regularly and aspire to give exposure to a wide variety of publications.

We welcome writers and readers to recommend another writer or writing on Substack they love via regular callouts on notes and in threads on Substack publications. Keep your eyes out for a chance to share your favorite writing with us on the @Substack account and during our Shoutout Threads at

Tip: We prefer these not to be self-nominations.

As a reminder, the most powerful engine for growing on Substack is ongoing recommendations from fellow writers, not one-off features from Substack. A writer who makes a recommendation is 3x more likely to receive one. When you refresh your recommendations, readers who discover your work will also learn about some of the other great writers on Substack—specifically, fellow writers that you admire. Recommendations are part of the Substack model where writers promote and discover each other on their own terms. 

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