How do I paywall my Chat on Substack?

Paid publications can gate access to their Chat to only paid subscribers or founding members. There are three options for paywalling your Chat:

Paywall individual chat threads

Similar to paywalled posts, you can paywall individual chat threads. When starting a thread via the app or web, click the lock icon and select whether you want to gate the thread to paid subscribers or founding members. 

If you paywall a chat thread, free subscribers cannot view or reply.

Paywall the entire chat

In your settings, you can paywall access to your entire chat space rather than on a thread-by-thread basis. First click “Enable chat paywall,” then select whether to gate access to paid subscribers or just founding members.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 5.06.19 PM.png

Subscribers without access cannot view or reply to any chat threads. If they try to navigate to your chat, they’ll be prompted to upgrade to participate.

Paywall permission to start new threads

You can limit the ability to start new chat threads to a specific subscriber tier via your chat settings. All other subscribers can view and reply to threads but not start them.

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