How do I edit my About page for my Substack publication?

Your Substack's About page is a place to tell new readers who you are and what you write about in greater length than your publication's one-line description. The About page’s goal is to establish credibility with your readers while showing off your writing voice and style.

Head to your publication's Settings page and select "Edit" next "About page".

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On your About page you can add:

About: What your publication is about, such as topic areas and post types. This description should also imply what your publication does for readers and your intended audience.

A brief personal bio: Who you are and why you’re qualified.

Publication logistics: How often you publish and for how much.

Subscriber benefits: What free or paid subscribers get.

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You can polish a simple About page with any of the following additions:

Images of yourself and/or your subject matter: Images help define your publication’s brand, attach a face to your writing, and break up large blocks of text.

Testimonials from subscribers:  Collect and publish compliments from your subscribers about why they love your publication.

Highlighted posts or unlocked paid posts: Links to your favorite posts you’ve written. For paid writers, it may be useful to make an old paid post free again and link it to tease your paid work. 

Special offers: A link to special offer campaigns or student discounts.

A personal video: Welcome new readers by sharing a personal message directly on your Substack account.

Click on the video icon to upload a video file or record a video. Once your video is ready, select Insert. You can move and place the video embed into any part of the About page draft.

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