How do I organize the navigation bar on my Substack publication?

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You can add links to the top navigation bar that lead readers to pages on and off Substack. 

The navigation bar displays and links to the following by default:

  • Home: Your publication’s homepage
  • Archive: All your publication's posts
  • About: Your publication's About page

Tip: If you have a Substack podcast, chat, or reader referrals enabled, these can also be displayed in the navigation bar.

Follow these steps to customize your navigation bar:

1. Head to your publication's Settings page and scroll to the Website section.

2. To add a link, select "New link".

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3. Under Title, enter what you'd like the header in your bar to be displayed as. Enter the link URL and select Save.

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4. To edit or delete a link you've added, select the three dots on the right and make your selection.

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Tips for the navigation bar:

  • Select the eye to hide or unhide Substack links such as Podcasts, Chat, or Archive.
  • Pages you create in your Settings can also be added to your navigation bar.
  • If your Substack publication has sections, these headers will appear in the navigation bar.
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