Can I share an audio snippet of an audio post on Substack?

If you're using the transcript feature on your audio post, listeners can easily share something they liked in the audio by creating an audiogram on Substack.

Anyone who visits an episode page on the web can highlight a quote from the transcript and get an audio-video snippet a.k.a. audiogram of what they've selected. This snippet is a short branded video that listeners can share around on social media.

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1. On the web version of an audio post, head to the transcript and highlight a quote. Select "Make audiogram". 

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2. An audiogram asset will autogenerate: click play to listen to the snippet and select download. A .mp4 file will be saved to your device's Downloads.

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 1.40.43 PM.png

Where does the background image in an audiogram come from?

The background image could be an image in the episode post or the social preview image. The image in the top left of the audiogram will be either your podcast, section, or publication logo. 

What platforms can I share the audiogram on?

The audiogram is a video so you can upload it anywhere that supports a video file such as Instagram, or Youtube.

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