How can I generate a transcript of a podcast episode on Substack?

With the transcript feature, writers can auto-generate a text version of a podcast episode and show the transcript on the episode page. When listeners play the episode, they can also follow along by reading the hilighted text in the transcript. Listeners can also seek to parts of the audio by clicking the transcript text.

Note: The transcript feature is only available on the web version of your publication and not on the Substack app or email.

To generate a transcript of a podcast episode, follow these steps.

1. On your Podcast tab, select "New episode".

2. Upload an audio file and once it's finished uploading, select "Generate transcription"

CleanShot 2023-08-17 at 14.50.18@2x.png

3. It can take around 1-5 minutes for the transcript to generate. When the transcript is ready, select "View transcript".

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4. A new tab will open on your internet browser and you can review the automated transcript of your uploaded audio file.

5. To edit the transcript, select "Edit" in the top right corner of the page. Delete or add any text to the transcript and select "Update transcription" to save your changes.


If you would not like to use the transcript, disable the toggle. This means that it won't be visible to listeners.

6. Head back to your episode draft by clicking on the back arrow in the top left corner under "Transcription".

7. Once you publish the podcast episode, an episode details tab and transcript tab will appear on the post.

Transcript tab.png

Can I generate transcripts of my published podcast episodes?

Yes. On any published episode, click "Edit post" to make updates to your post. On the draft editor, click on the hamburger menu in the audio player and select "Edit".

Edit drawer.png

When the podcast dashboard opens, select "Generate transcription".

Can I paywall just the transcript for paying subscribers?

If the podcast episode is for paying subscribers only, the transcript will also be just for paying subscribers. Free readers won't be able to access the transcript.

If the post is set to "Everyone" or to "Free subscribers only", the transcript can't be paywalled. 

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