How can I sync my contacts and follow my friends on Substack?

The best way to find remarkable writing is through recommendations from trusted friends and other readers. If you want to find your friends and see what they’re reading, publishing, and liking on Substack, the easiest way is to sync your device's contact book via the Substack app

1. Install the Substack app for iOS or Android and sign into your Substack account.

2. Tap the follow person icon in the top right corner of the screen.

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3. Tap the "Connect" button next to "Contacts".

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4. You'll be prompted to first verify your phone number via text message then grant permission for the Substack app to access your device's contact book.

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Note: All contacts are stored securely as hashed and not in plain text– your contacts data will never be shared with third parties.

5. If you have any contact matches, you’ll see a suggested list of their Substack profiles and the option to follow them. Contact syncing is a two-sided match: by syncing your contacts and verifying your number, whenever a friend who also has your number or email address syncs their contacts, both of you will then be prompted to connect on Substack.

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Tip: If a friend is already on Substack and you follow them, you'll see "Following" once you sync your contacts. If you don’t have any matches now, we’ll notify you as soon as one of your contacts joins Substack and sync their contacts–you'll also see the option to invite friends to join you on Substack!

Other than contact matching, you can find people you know on Substack via Facebook connect or by searching for their name on Substack.

How do I delete contacts I synced to Substack?

At this time, the option to un-sync or remove contacts you've uploaded to Substack is not available.

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