Guide to your Substack Posts page

Introducing a new way to manage your posts. 

The new Posts page streamlines your ability to create, edit, and publish posts. With new features such as filtering and sorting, this re-design allows you to view multiple posts and high-level post stats in one view. 


The current version of the Posts page


An old version of the Posts page

Overview Post Statistics
The Posts page is designed into three sections for your posts: Published, Drafts, and Scheduled.

In the Published section, you'll see every post that you've published on your Substack– posts that you've deleted will not appear here.


In the Drafts section, you can access any posts that you've started but haven't yet published. Click on the hamburger menu next to each draft post to edit, duplicate, or delete the draft.


Tip: Drafts can be accessed both in the Home and the Posts tab.

Posts that appear in Scheduled are drafts that you've scheduled to be published on the web version of your Substack or scheduled to be published to the web and sent via email and the Substack app at a future date and time.


To edit or remove the scheduled date and time of the future post, select the hamburger menu and select "Edit post". On the draft, click on the date and time above the editor toolbar to see the option to un-schedule the post.

What can I do on the new Posts page?

For each section, you can filter and sort how you want to view your published and draft posts.

Click on "Filter" and select from an array of options to quickly filter your posts list: audience, post type, section, author, or tag. If you don’t see one of these options, it likely means you don’t have any posts with that criteria. For example, if you don’t see "Tag", perhaps you haven’t added any tags to your posts yet.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 6.00.25 PM.png

If any posts match your filters, they'll appear on the Posts page. To remove a filter(s), select "Filter" and click on "Clear all".

Tip: You can also filter by a specific date range using the calendar icon in the top right of the filters menu.

If you'd like to see your posts in a different order, select the down arrow next to "Filter". Select whether you'd like to view your posts from newest to oldest, oldest to newest, or recently edited. If you use the search function, you can sort the posts that appear by relevance.

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 7.11.45 PM.png

Note: What you select in the sort order will determine how you view posts on the Posts page. This does not change how readers view posts on your publication.

On the posts page, you can type any search term into the search bar to see posts that match that search term populate below. You can search for posts on your Published, Drafts, and Scheduled sections.


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