How do I embed Datawrapper charts in a Substack post?

With the Datawrapper embed feature, you can integrate interactive charts, maps, and tables into your posts, enriching them with visualized data.

How do I embed a Datawrapper chart?

1. Sign in to your Substack account and select "+New post" on your Posts page.

2. On a separate browsing tab, open your Datawrapper chart, map, or table that you'd like to embed. Copy the shareable link provided by Datawrapper and switch back to your Substack post editor tab.

A shareable link can look like this:

3. In your draft, paste the Datawrapper link where you want the embed to appear in your post. The Datawrapper embed will automatically load and appear in the draft body.


If you'd like to change the placement of the chart, select and drag the image to the desired spot. 

Tip: You can include as many Datawrapper embeds as you like in a single post.

Your subscribers or new readers will be able to interact with the Datawrapper embeds on a web post or in the Substack app as they read through the text. 

Note: Datawrapper embeds will appear in an email newsletter, but interactions with the data (like zooming in on a map or scrolling through a table) will open in a new web browser.

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