How do I embed a video in a Substack post?

Head to your Posts page and click on "New post". Here, you'll be able to add a video or record a video on desktop or mobile web.

Note: The video embed feature is different from the beta Video feature in that you can put a video behind a paywall restricting content to only your paying Substack subscribers. If you'd like to use the Video feature, select "New video" instead of "New post".

Upload a video into a post

1. When you're ready to embed a video, select the video icon from the editor toolbar.


2. Click on "Upload" and select the video you'd like to add from your device. 


Tip: The video types accepted are 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, MPEG-2 and the maximum size is 20 GB.

3. The upload will automatically begin and will appear in the draft. If you'd like to change the placement of the video, select and drag the video to the desired spot. 

4. Once you've finished your draft and are ready to publish, the video post can be sent to everyone or paid subscribers– just like a normal post.

Record a video in a post

1. Select "Record" and your webcam will appear on the page.

2. Click on the red circle to start recording and click on the red circle again to stop recording.

3. Your video recording will automatically begin uploading and will appear in the draft. If you'd like to change the placement of the video, select and drag the video to the desired spot. 

I have payments enabled– can I embed a video behind a paywall?

Yes! To embed a video behind a paywall, simply insert the paywall in the draft and embed the video file by following the steps above. By using the video embed feature, your videos will be hosted on Substack and for paid subscribers only.


Note: At this time, free previews of paid videos is not available. If you'd like to provide a preview to free readers, you can upload and embed a snippet above the paywall.

How does a video embed look like in an email to my readers?

If you send the post as an email to your readers, a thumbnail image of the video will appear in the email. Clicking the title of the post will direct readers to the web version of the post or the Substack app if they have that installed.

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