What are Substack Handles?

Substack Handles are unique identifiers that can appear on many surfaces such as your Substack profile or Notes. Handles are unique in that they're selected by you which makes it easier for mentions and profile sharing.

If you have a publication, your Substack subdomain will be reserved as a handle for you. If you do not have a publication, you'll see a suggested handle. You can always choose a different handle.

To claim or change your Substack handle, follow these steps:

1. Head to your Substack account Settings page and select "Claim handle" next to Handle.


2. If you have a publication, you'll see your Substack subdomain reserved as a handle. If you'd like to change your handle, enter a new username in the text box and click "Save".


3. Once your Substack handle has changed or been claimed, your Substack profile URL will automatically change as well. 

Things to note:

  •  If a handle you've entered is unavailable, a "handle is already taken" message will appear. If you'd like to request a Substack handle that's already been claimed by another user, you can read about that process here.
  • If you change your handle, your old handle will be free for any user to claim. However, your subdomain handle will always be reserved for you to claim if you'd like to revert back to that handle.
  • With Substack handles, your profile has changed from https://substack.com/profile/1234567 to https://substack.com/@handle.
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