What does subscribe on Substack Notes mean?

Substack Notes is available on the web and the Substack app.

If you're in the Notes space, you may notice "subscribe" on a note or "subscribe" when clicking on someone's Substack profile.




If the user has a publication and you click "subscribe", you'll be automatically subscribed to their publication and also see their notes in the Home and Subscribed tab on Notes.

If the user doesn't have a publication, you'll be subscribing to their reader profile. Once they start a Substack publication, you'll be automatically subscribed and start receiving their email newsletters. 

Can I see notes from someone without subscribing to their publication?

If you’d to see more notes from someone without subscribing to their Substack, click on “See notes from” in the three dot menu on a note they've posted or on their Substack profile. You’ll then start seeing more of their notes in the Home tab.

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