How do I block someone on Substack Notes?

Blocking someone on your Home feed will hide that person's notes and prevent you from seeing any of their replies on your notes.

It will also prevent them from: 

  • Viewing your notes and your Substack profile
  • Mentioning you in a note or comment
  • Subscribing to your publication

To block a user, click on the three dots menu on a note or a Substack profile. Select "Block <Substack profile>".

File (5).jpg

Once you block a user, they will not be able to engage with your Substack activity such as seeing your notes, posts, or subscriptions on your Profile.


Note: If you block a user, their replies on your note will be hidden from your view. However, other users will still be able to view their replies.

How do I see a list of people I've blocked on Substack?

Head to your Substack account Settings page:

In the Privacy section, select "Blocked accounts".

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 8.09.29 PM.png

Here, you'll see a list of people that you've blocked. If you'd like to reverse the block, select "Unblock".


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