Can I subscribe to a Substack profile?

If you've come across someone's comment on a post and were curious to see if they wrote on Substack, you can hover over their name and see their Substack profile.

Under "Writes", you can see if they have a publication and subscribe to automatically start receiving their future posts by email and/or the Substack app.


If they don't have a publication listed, you can subscribe to their profile and be notified if they start writing in the future. You'll be automatically subscribed to their publication and receive any emails and/or read their posts in the Substack app.


What happens if someone subscribes to my Substack profile?

Substack readers and writers can now subscribe to any Substack profile. If someone is interested in reading more of what you could write on Substack and subscribes to your profile, you'll be notified by email.


If you start a publication, your profile subscribers will automatically start receiving your posts as they'll automatically become free subscribers to your publication.

Can I opt-out of users subscribing to my Substack profile?

At this time, the Subscribe button on your Substack profile cannot be removed. If you'd like to stop receiving profile subscription emails, head to your Substack account Settings page. In the Notifications section, click on the toggle next to "User subscriptions".


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