How can I share another publication's post with my subscribers?

If you're reading a post or listening to a podcast episode on Substack and would like to share it with your subscribers, you can share the entire post with the cross-posting feature instead of embedding a post link and publishing a new post.

There's two ways to cross-post a post:

  • Directly from a web post
  • Directly from an email newsletter

Note: You can only use this feature for free posts.

From a web post

1. When signed into your Substack account,  click on the three dots of the free post you'd like to share and select "Cross-post".


Tip: You can also click on the Cross-post button found at the bottom of a post.

2.In the pop-up, type a blurb for your subscribers about why you're sharing that post and select "Continue".


3. Select which publication you'd like to send the post from and your audience. You can send a post to your founding members, paid subscribers, or everyone.


Note: At this time, cross-posting will send the post as an email to your subscribers and will not appear as a web post or in the Substack app. You must be an Admin of a publication in order to cross-post.

4. Your subscribers will receive an email from your publication with your blurb and the entire post.


From an email newsletter

If the publication has cross-posting enabled and you have a publication yourself, you'll see a cross-post button in an email newsletter. 

Click on the cross-post button and in a new tab on your mobile browser, you'll be able to write a blurb and send the post as an email to your paid subscribers or all subscribers.


Are there stats for posts I share?

On your Posts page, posts that you've shared with your subscribers will be titled "CROSS-POST".

Hover over the post and click on the down arrow to expand the tile. We'll display the total views, recipients, and the open rate.


I don't want other publications to share my free posts– can I opt out?

Head to your publication's Settings page click on Publication Details in the left navigation bar. Click the toggle to the left next to "Enable cross-posting" to opt out of being cross-posted.


Will I be notified when publications cross-post my post?

On your publication's Settings page, scroll to the Notifications section. If you'd like to receive an email notification when another publication cross-posts your post, move the toggle to the right. To opt out of receiving notifications, move the toggle to the left.


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